Baghouse Filters,Dust Collector,Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer & Supplier

Baghouse Filters, Dust Collector, Centrifugal Fan, Supplier, Malaysia, Indonesia

We pride ourselves for our strong technical know-how as a result of a combined team of experienced engineers and overseas principals. Our engineering resourcefulness is further increased with our constant engagement with various research and development activities on the field of fluid and thermodynamic engineering.

We practice professionalism as our way of work - We develop comprehensive software for most of our products. The software covers design, sizing and fabrication dimensions. It also ensures dimensional correctness and consistency, and eliminates human error in design. Our engineering design is also speedier as a result, and documentation is readily available for future reference.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority - We are committed to ensure a long-term business relationship. Our perseverance in dedicating ourselves to customer satisfaction has enabled us to land projects with multinational corporations, like Fuji Xerox, Saint Gobains, Parker Haniffin, Titan and Huntsman Tioxide, Philip Morris.