Blower Fan

These are centrifugal blower fan, both backward curve for higher efficiency and radial tip for light material handling. Airflow ranging from 3000 to 150,000m3/hr and pressure from 175 to 1700mmWG. We produce these in carbon steel, stainless steel AISI304, aluminium ASTM B209.

Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fan

  • Backward curve centrifugal fan with airflow from 4,000-150,000m3/hr, static pressure from 200-500mmWG
  • Fan drive above 8,000m3/hr are pulley and belt driven, otherwise it is directly coupled to motor shaft.
  • These blower fan is suitable for dust collector application, process air blower and other filtration usage where system static pressure falls within the fan static pressure range.
  • Bigger size fan are builts with two part housing. Impeller is removed from top instead of front.
  • Both designation (clockwise or anti clockwise) and all possible orientations are available.
  • Material construction: MS, CS, AISI304, AISI316L, special material like S-TEN2 and aluminium impeller.
  • Explosion hazard compliant fan is available. We made a number of these fans for oil & gas industry.
  • Fan dynamic balancing certificate provided.
  • Factory Acceptance Test for blower fan smaller than 90kw can be arranged, at additional charge. Testing typically covers static pressure, dynamic pressure & airflow, vibration reading, fan speed, noise level reading, bearing temperature, one way damper trigger point and setting, positioner calibration.
  • For high temperature use, as in boiler ID fan, our fan designed with bearing cooling fan, special bearing seal, and bearing arrangement that allows for shaft thermal expansion.

Low Pressure Air Blower

  • Low pressure centrifugal fans has static pressure ranging from 125mmwg to 200mmwg. Whenever static pressure demand is not as high, it is more energy efficient to select low pressure fan.
  • Its application are paint arrestor paint, ventilation system fitted with panels of fiber mesh filters or plain ductwork of considerable length and twists.
  • All designation and orientation of the fan are possible.

High Pressure Blower Fan

  • These are centrifugal backward curve fan with lower volume but higher static pressure. Static pressure ranges from 500mmwc to 1700mmwc.
  • All fan designation and orientation are available to choose.
  • These high pressure blower is suitable for some pneumatic conveyor application, air blower with high process resistence, furnace air supply blower etc.
  • Material construction: ms, cs, ss are available.
  • In application involving hot air intake, high temperature fan design is available

Roots Blower & Ring Blowers

  • Our roots blower and ring blowers are imported.
  • These type of blowers achieve static pressure from 1500mmwc to as high as 6000mmwg, making it preferred air mover for pneumatic conveyor application and other plant process air flow that entails high resistence.