Dust Collector

Essentially all kind of dust collecting system, we make filter bag dust collector, cartridge pleated filter dust collector, mechanical shaker dust collector, multi cyclones dust collector. We are pioneer of panel formed dust collector body construction in Malaysia.

Filterbag Dust Collector

Filterbag Dust Collector

  • Wide range of filter material selection for different application, needlefelt filter media like homopolymer acrylic, PPS, Nomex, P84, fiberglass, polyester and polyester with anti static blend are some filters we frequently deal with.
  • Selection consideration typically are temperature resistence, moist heat and hydrolisis resistence and acidity of the fluid.
  • Whenever anti-static filter is needed, we use only one with fine steel powder blend felt that offers highest conductivity of its class.
  • Needlefelt finishing like Teflon membrane, water repellent treatment, singed, glazed and heat set are frequently employed. Teflon membrane filter converts depth filtration into surface one. It has totally different characteristics, achieves higher efficiency, and offers other advantages.
  • Our filter bags dust collector are cylindrical filter socks, with negative pressure design. Filter cages used to hold filter socks to shape.
  • Sizing of the dust collector taking into account parameters like “can velocity”, that is critical to ensure filter cleaning efficiency
  • Hopper sloping angle is always referring to angle at its valley, which has lowest sloping angle throughout.
  • Dust enters into dust collector chamber passing through diffuser to prevent direct hitting of particle on filters, and eliminate chamber rising air typically happens in counter-current design. The rising air inside dust collector chamber prevents dust settlement and causes more entrainment of dust at filters.
  • Filter cleaning will be most efficient when pulse jet cleaning takes place during suction shut down. When the dust collector is big, it can be split into few compartments, each takes turn to shut down for cleaning.
  • In case of multiple hopper entries, the inlet duct is tilted so that dust is more equally distributed.
  • Rupture disc is commonly used for flammable material.

Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning Dust Collector

  • Diaphragm valve size selection is not everything about pulse jet sizing. There are single, double diaphragm valves, immersed type, all offer different cleaning coefficient.
  • Our pulse jet sizing runs through proprietary software by a renowned valve maker.
  • Beside valve size and type, pressure header volume, pressure built up, electrical on time, nozzle diameter, compressed air volume are properly sized.
  • Much to the principle of aeroplane double window glass design, purging pressure header are built with double caps. Explosion, if it ever happen, is subdued and its power limited to the little compartment between the two caps.

Mechanical Shaker Filterbag Dust Collector

filterbag shaker

  • Our mechanical shaker dust collector adopts oscillating force from a 4 pole rotating motor.
  • Two eccentric shafts of opposing phase shake left and right rows of filterbags to opposite direction at any one time.
  • Because of the symmetrical arrangement, shaking does not cause unnecessary vibration to the whole structure.
  • Opposite end of the each filter hanger is supported by cast aluminium pair of male and female V block.

Cartridge (Pleated) Filter Dust Collector

cartridge dust collector

  • Cartridge (or pleated) filter is cost competitive way to build dust collector. We get big filter area in much smaller size casing. But it is not suitable for all dust type and application.
  • Typically our cartridge dust collector uses enhanced purging cleaning system, a way to compensate for filter plugging tendency.
  • Filter “shut down cleaning” is also built into the control design.
  • In case of low dust load system, more economical collection bin is used instead of rotary valve airlock. Our bin are built with user friendly handle lock mechanism.

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector

  • Our 6inch element multi cyclones makes it the highest efficiency separator of this class.
  • Cast iron construction, side entry cyclone element.
  • Robust construction, designed for up to 200degC temperature.
  • Rockwool insulated body to prevent condensation, and powder wetting.
  • Proven in handling powder as fine as coal-fired boiler ash.
  • Heat tracing at hopper valley where is prompt to temperature drop, material agglomeration and condensation.
  • Opening and port for water jet cleaning of residue dust.