Rotary valve, air ductwork, diverter valve, double damper, slidegate valve, air damper, counter weight damper, quick release lock bin.

Rotary Valve Air Lock


  • Both welded and cast steel construction are available. In stainless steel or carbon steel material of construction
  • Housing internally lathed and and grinded, so as blades external tips and sides. Tolerance of blade tips vs wall is controlled up to 0.2mm.
  • Option to be buffed to #200 (mirror finish), for stainless steel unit
  • Single or double lip seal for shaft – wall penetration
  • Side bearings are spaced apart from body side wall, prolonging bearing life due to dust entry.
  • Option of rotary valve for pneumatic conveyor application, with close tolerance and high differential pressure sealing.
  • Proximity type limit switch
  • Option of v shaped blades to reduce shearing resistence and shock torque

Bulk Material Diverter Valve

diverter valve

diverter valve 1

  • Its internal dimension is milled and grinded for consistent and precise flap to wall tolerance.
  • High differential pressure sealing, suitable for pneumatic conveyor application
  • Lip seal for shaft – body peneration.
  • Operated by pneumatic actuator.
  • Options of 24vdc or 230vac input.
  • Optional imit switch

Slidegate Valve

slidegate valve

Hanger Bearing

  • Without hanger bearings, screw conveyor shaft deflection limits screw conveyor overall length. Our hanger bearings are designed for easy mainteance, can be removed without having to dismantle its shaft, and made for durable application. With 2-half teflon bush, edm cut steel block holders, shaft axial dislocation made impossible by a stopper built into teflon bush design.
  • No greasing required, a stainless steel construction is suitable for food industry use.
  • In less demanding application, end rod bearings are used as hanger bearings

Filter Cages

  • We own filter cages production line, making both GI and SS filter cages.
  • Various numbers of wired cage is possible, from 8 wires to as many as 24 wires.
  • All cage wires are resistant welded, producing no blur or protrusion that may cut filter bags.
  • Split cage is possible for baghouse with limited roof space for cage removal.

Air Damper

  • Multi flaps air damper driven by pneumatic actuator, made modulating with positioner, whereby the damper opeing modulates in proportion to 4-20ma input signal.
  • Damper above 700mm diameter is made square with inlet and outlet transition to round dimension. This allows multiple flaps design, no void uncovered and equal force acting on all flap shafts.
  • Damper overall torque calculated based on differential pressure acting on its flaps.

Double Damper Air Lock

  • Double damper functions as an airlock, much like a rotary valve.
  • Driven by double pneumatic cylinder, it alternate its position to allow material drop, yet prevent back pressure in reverse direction of material flow.
  • Constructed from 4 separate parts, when fitted together, forms a complete double damper housing.
  • Its inner all is milled to get dimensional precision and ensure perpendicularity of each other panels when fitted.
  • Metal to metal contact sealing, there is no rubber seat in it.
  • Limit switches to prevent dampers synchronization failure.
  • Lip seal for shaft vs body penetration.

Turnkey Project

  • Complete process plant design and build, include equipment like bulk mixer, bulk unloader, bulk bag bagger, 25kg bagger, weighing system.