Blower Fan

DAV is manufactures centrifugal blower fan up to airflow of 200,000m3/hr, for pressure ranges from 125mmWG to 1200mmWG. They are suitable for ventilation application, dust collecting baghouse to plant process blower or pneumatic conveying application.

Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fan

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  • drive type : direct drive, direct couple and belt driven.
  • Suitable for dust collection application.
  • Standard range and tailor-made product are available.
  • Material construction: MS, CS, SS or aluminium impeller.
  • Explosion-proof fan made to API560 code.

Low Pressure Air Blower

low pressure blower fan

  • Fan static pressure ranging from 125mmWG to 200mmWG.
  • application are in paint arrestor suction fan, ventilation system and scrubber.

High Pressure Blower Fan

  • Fan static pressure ranges from 500mmWG to 1200mmWG.
  • Suitable for pneumatic conveyor application, air blower with high process resistance, furnace air supply blower etc.
  • Material construction: MS, CS, SS are available.high pressure blower

Roots Blower & Ring Blowers

  • These types of blowers produces static pressure from 900mmWG to as high as 5000mmWG, making it preferred air mover for pneumatic conveyor application and other plant process air flow that entails high resistance.

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