Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) works on the principle of high voltage electric field to attract and remove dust particle from gas stream. The high voltage electrostatic ionizes the dust and its surrounding air, thus enables it to be pulled to a collecting electrodes distributed within the ESP housing. Dust collected at the electrode is discharged into hopper by rapping system.

esp image china

Suitable for dust particle with specific resistance of 104Ω.cm – 1011Ω.cm

Suitable for fuel gas temperature of < 4000C

Collecting electrode spacing ranges from 250mm to 600mm

ESP body vacuum rating up to 150mbar.

esp body installation

esp inlet outlet installation

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ESP design takes into consideration the dust or ash property, and the fuel and gas property.

ESP designed with following features and considerations :

  • Electrode rapping mood and force.
  • Rapping cycle and frequency
  • Uniformity of gas distribution
  • Electric field division
  • Structural feature
  • Electrode form
  • Control feature.

collecting electrode esp

Dust collecting plates made from SPCC cold rolled steel

collecting plate esp

High voltage Corona Power is carried by rigid frame of discharge electrode system.

electric frequency supply TR

discharge wire

Hopper with electric heating to keep temperature above dew point and prevent water condensation.

Hopper valley angle not less than 55deg for maximum dust dropout.

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