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Dust Collector

dust collector

Essentially all kind of dust collecting system, we make filter bag dust collector, cartridge pleated filter dust collector, mechanical shaker dust collector, multi cyclones dust collector and wet scrubber. We are pioneer of panel formed dust collector body construction in Malaysia.

Wide range of filter material selection for different applications, needlefelt filter media like homopolymer acrylic, PPS, Nomex, P84, fiberglass, polyester and polyester with anti static blend are some filter medias we frequently deal with.

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Blower Fan

blower fan

These are centrifugal blower fan, both backward curve for higher efficiency and radial tip for light material handling. Airflow ranging from 3000 to 150,000m3/hr and pressure from 175 to 1700mmWG. We produce these in carbon steel, stainless steel AISI304, aluminium ASTM B209.
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Bulk Material Conveyor

pneumatic conveyor

We design and build pneumatic conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, scraper conveyor and bulk material unloader. we make both positive and negative pressure pneumatic conveyor for practically all dry, non-hygroscopic, non-sticky powders, granules or flakes.
Pneumatic conveyor is preferred choice of bulk material conveyor when material elevation is needed. It is clean and efficient way to convey bulk material.
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Wet Scrubber

wet scrubber malaysia
DAV makes wet scrubbers in both fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) or SS material. It is suitable for gasous pollutants.

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Rotary valve, air ductwork, diverter valve, double damper, slidegate valve, filter cages, air damper, counter weight damper, quick release lock bin.

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