Bulk Material Conveyor

We design and build pneumatic conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, scraper conveyor and bulk material unloader.

Pneumatic Conveyor

pneumatic conveyor

  • We design and build both positive and negative pressure dilute phase pneumatic conveyor, for practically all dry, non-hygroscopic, non-sticky powders, granules or flakes.
  • Pneumatic conveyor is preferred choice of bulk material conveyor when material elevation is needed. It is clean and efficient way to convey bulk material.
  • For combustible material, we build them to NFPA654 & 91 compliant.
  • Our pneumatic conveyor sizing program takes in specifications like initial mass acceleration and re-acceleration at elbows, powder to wall and air to wall friction and lifting energy, and generates output parameters like pressure, airflow, pipe size, solid-fluid mass ratio, horsepower.

pneumatic conveyor 2


Bucket Elevator

bucket elevator 3

  • We make heavy duty centrifugal bucket elevator for pulverised, flaky and granular products that do not agglomerates, non-hygroscopic and non-sticky. Material is thrown out at the top by centrifugal force, making it possible to be built vertically.
  • Conveying chain is used over belt or chain link. Each 6inch strain of this chain, for example, has 200kn breaking load, making it durable for shock torque in tough application.
  • Built-in with one way bearing to prevent chain reversal during stoppage.
  • Designed with structural consideration, typically with top platform fasten to an adjacent structure/ silo.
  • Sensor for material overflow at receiving end
  • Double strain chain conveyor.

bucket elevator 2

Screw Conveyor

screw conveyor with slidegate valve diverter

  • In high temperature application, screw conveyor shaft thermal expansion can be significant and must be accounted for in the design. Shaft must be allowed to expand axially to prevent dimensional distortion and damage.
  • Plummer block bearing to grips shaft against counter force acting in opposite direction to conveying.
  • Robustly constructed hanger bearing, using teflon 2-half bush, EDM cut holding blocks and U hangers.
  • Option of ATEX certified gearmotor for explosion protection compliance.
  • User friendly inspection cover.
  • Conveyor ends with reverse flights, this prevents material pounding on U trough end plate and causes material spill-over.

screw conveyor


Scraper Conveyor

  • TBD