Dust Collection System

DAV makes all types of air pollution control equipment including filter bag dust collector, cartridge pleated filter dust collector, mechanical shaker dust collector, multi cyclones dust collector. We are also embarking on Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) project in collaboration with foreign manufacturer.

Filterbag Dust Collector

Filterbag Dust Collector

  • Offline and online cleaning filterbag dust collecting system.
  • Our baghouses use needlefelt filter media like polyester, homopolymer acrylic, PPS, Nomex, P84, fiberglass and PTFE.
  • Technical selection consideration are temperature resistance, moist heat and hydrolysis resistance and acidity of the fluid.
  • Whenever anti-static filter is needed, we use only one with fine steel powder blend felt that offers highest conductivity of its class.
  • Needlefelt finishing like Teflon membrane, water repellent treatment, singed, glazed and heat set are frequently employed. Teflon membrane filter converts depth filtration into surface one. It has totally different characteristics, achieves higher efficiency, and offers other advantages.
  • Baghouse designed with structural features to enhance filter cleaning and maintain dust caking vs dislodge equilibrium.

Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning Dust Collector

bagfilter turnkey 3 e1595306533579

  • Professional diaphragm valve size selection
  • Beside valve size and type, pressure header volume, pressure built up, electrical on time, nozzle diameter, compressed air volume are properly sized.
  • Pressure header manufactured to ASME code Section VIII & IX for pressure vessel.

Mechanical Shaker Filterbag Dust Collector

filterbag shaker

  • Our mechanical shaker dust collector adopts oscillating force from a 4 pole rotating motor.
  • Two eccentric shafts of opposing phase shake left and right rows of filterbags to opposite direction at any one time.

Cartridge (Pleated) Filter Dust Collector

cartridge dust collector

  • Cartridge (or pleated) filter is cost competitive way to build dust collector.
  • Our cartridge dust collector uses enhanced purging cleaning system.
  • Suitable for low dust load, non-sticky, non-fibrous, fluidized and dry dust.

cartridge dust collector 2

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector

multi cyclone.

  • High efficient multi-cyclones dust collector.
  • Proven in handling fine coal-fired boiler ash with tested emission <70mg/Nm3.
  • Cast iron construction, side entry cyclone element.
  • Robust construction, designed for up to 250degC temperature.
  • Rockwool insulated body to prevent condensation.
  • Heat tracing at hopper valley.

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